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RMS Meeting Manager & Digital Signage Integration

I have a question regarding the integration between RMS Meeting Manager and the Inspired signage:

We’re in the final stages of the bidding process for an office building project with several distributed AV systems installed in rooms like: meeting rooms, board rooms, training rooms, etc.

We’ve been asked to add a digital signage system with display screens outside certain rooms. The digital signage system (Xpress Player: IS-SPX-1000 & Std License: IS-SPX-XPRESS-S) is supposed to integrate with the RMS Server Application (FG3002‐17) and RMS Interface for MS Exchange/Outlook® (FG3002‐31). We also included the Asset Client License (FG3002‐18) & Schedule Client License (FG3002‐19).

The client is looking to enable different users to book appointments from their desktops using Microsoft Outlook. The current appointment information should appear on to the digital signage display.

Is this integration possible with the products we’ve chosen? If not, then please advise as to what other products we need.


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    Yes, we have shown this at several trade shows and posted the source code in the AMX UI Resource Center. Look under UI Tpe: event demos and download the Energy Dashboard.
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    I checked out the demo, there is no IS Express project so I'm not sure what it actually displays.
    Is it possible to get the IS Express project?

    I have done it in the past and even wrote instructions however my implementation was catching data sent to a real touch panel and sending that to a player, I had to do a bit of a hack to make it work by defining the real touch panel as a virtual touch panel otherwise I couldn't catch the strings.

    I lost the original word document and discovered a typo in the pdf since so if you use it the last line in step 21 should read
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    Thanks for your help

    Thank you all for your help.

    I learned from both:
    - The AMX.com > Tech Center > UI Resource Center > Event Demos > InfoComm 2012 (NetLinx + Touch panel UI)
    - And, the attached step-by-step guide to such RMS-Inspired Express integration (NetLinx + Inspired Express software).

    The attached step-by-step guide was very helpful for me to visualize the integration mechanism.
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