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TP4-Toolbars move

Hi Everyone
I just started to use TP4 and noticed on occassion that the toolbars will move all over the place. I find it mostly does this if I'm connected to the master for a download and then use Studio to 'reboot' and return to TP4. Long day or has anyone else had moving toolbars.


  • vincenvincen Posts: 526
    Well it's an issue that exists since a long time due to an external routine AMX uses to manage these damn toolbars !! Same problem existed in Studio !!

    The only way to avoid that is to remove all toolbars :D or avoid to reduce TPD4 as it's generally when it occurs...

  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    I try to make a habit of hitting the "Disconnect from Master" icon in the toolbar whenever I'm finished downloading a file with TP4 and then I don't have to worry about the toolbars getting jumbled.

    I wonder if we could have an option added to TP4 to automatically disconnect from the master when a download is completed. I think that might solve 99% of the problem.
  • My TP4 toolbars move to different locations everytime I start the application, regardless of whether I've been connected to a master or not. This occurs on two different machines, an IBM T23 and a Dell Inspiron 8000, both with XP Pro and the latest version of TPD4.

  • My toolbar changes whenever I resize TPDesign4 Window.

  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    They also change on my system when switching from docked to undocked (I use a laptop exclusively). Also, if you run any kind of setup program while the apps are running, when you go back, all the toolbars will be stacked up on each other.

    This is not really a Studio problem, except by inheritance. It is a longstanding bug with the Windows Common Control Dialog ocx, and lots of applications share the issue. As I said in the thread about wonkiy scrolling, AMX programmers could certainly override portions of the ocx to overcome this fault, but somewhere the decision needs to be made to spend resources on a workaround to someone else's problem. The other solution is to use a different control dialog API, but I can understand not wanting to do that at this stage of development.
  • I like Joe suggestion for an auto-disconnection option to be added to the next version. I haven't had it happen in Studio as yet. I also noticed that if TP4 fails to connect to a master that I recieve an error message and the program shuts down.
  • JillJill Posts: 44
    Salut Thomas
    I find a good glue, staples or nails work well holding those pesty toolbars in place. :):)
  • Thank you Jill. I tried the staple idea but ended up trashing my LCD display.
  • moving toolbar potentioal resolution

    i have the same poblem. it occurs when i load the tpd software under a different user. i've found that when i do all my tpd programming under the same user, the random moving of tool bars doesn't occcur.
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