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AMX Video Chat

RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior MemberPosts: 373
Has anybody tested this module yet? I am working now with a MXD-2000XL-PANi and a MXD-1000i both on firmware 2.103.52 and a NI-4100 with firmware 4.1.373. I loaded the AMX provided module that you can find on the Modero X product page as it is and the code/module doesn't work. I noticed in the module that the models I have weren't implemented. I added the models above and still it doesn't work. I have a project with 9 Modero X panels and 4 iPads and client is inquiring about Video chat and Intercoming. Any suggestions?

Also the camera on the 20" panel I am working is not responding. The camera on the 10" works... To test the camera in your panel go to the Panel Setup, select Panel Configuration and make sure the Camera is Enabled. You may need to scrool down to see it. Then go to Configuration, Advanced and enter the URL: can://local.

It looks like AMX may have released this module without much testing...


  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    Actually, Netlinx Online Tree shows MXD-2000XL-PANi and a MXD-1000i for the model numbers, but the correct model numbers to use in the module are MXD-2000XL-PAN and a MXD-1000 respectively. If there is any issue with a TP camera the call hangs up within 5 seconds, what is very annoying. They implement an event if the camera is not reporting hang up the call. The problem I am having might be related to a bad camera on the 20" panel. This is my second 20" panel with problems. I was reading the TP Programming manual and by default the camera is routed to the Micro USB port, which is a mistake. AMX needs to correct this and set the default for the camera to always show on the TP and only route it to the Micro USB is a cable connection is detected. My 20" panel might be stucked on this weird routing to the Micro USB port. The module needs polishing to prevent the call from hanging up if a camera stream doesn't show up. It should still allow audio to be routed without hanging up. Also a page all command would be very helpful. I was able to show the video of the 10" on the call to the 20" panel, pretty cool, like Skype, but because the 20" is having a camera issue, the call lasts only a few seconds. With some polishing this module can be a very handy selling point for the Modero X panels.
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