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Welcome all BETA testers!

Welcome all BETA testers!

This Sub-forum is intended to encourage discussion on topics relating to TPControl BETA trials.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of BETA trials or a fledgling newbie to the game, we encourage all those with a keen interest in technology and trying out bleeding-edge software, to jump in and have a go :)

Occasionally we have opportunities to open up availability of our development software prior to general release. This includes development on Android, Apple, or Windows platforms.
The purpose of running trials is to draw out unforeseen problems that may arise not only with our software, but also in terms of device functionality i.e. things that we are not likely to know about due to device specific interactions, or that we simply have not developed a test-case for or identified internally.
Bringing these trials to the AMX integration community helps us to refine and create better, more suitable solutions based on your requests and feedback!

No doubt, there will be features you look and hope for in pre-release builds, that simply are not included. There may even be commands you use in your everyday AMX command syntax that just do not work in our software. These are the things we would like to hear about, so we can refine and rectify our software in order to produce fantastic and compatible solutions for your AMX control interface solutions.

Our support and development team always endeavors to respond quickly and effectively to identify, evaluate, and rectify issues that may arise. Sometimes OS/device functionality restricts what can be done, and other times we may simply have not yet had time to implement a feature. Rest assured, we keep a feature-request and command list that is actively reviewed, in the quest for adding more supported features.

We, like you (yes you!) are human - we make mistakes and we all have feelings. With this in mind, we like to hear about the good too, not just the not-so-good. Please remember this if ever posting to vent frustration.
Thumbs up to all those who post just to say "Thanks" :)

Time is precious, and we respect and thoroughly appreciate the little, or lot, that you afford us during BETA testing.

If you read this far (without skipping to the end!) then you are truly BETA tester material.

- eat
- drink plenty of fluids (and water too)
- and most importantly, have fun!

Logan Moore
Touch Panel Control
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