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Google Anymote Protocol

criss87criss87 Junior MemberPosts: 32
Dear all, this is the protocol to interface to a Google TV,
Unfortunately it use SSL/TSL to communicate, any help on how to implement this on netlinx?
Is it possible in native netlinx language?

Happy new year,


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  • jjamesjjames AMX Sustaining Engineer Posts: 2,901
    No, NetLinx does not support SSL/TSL.
  • criss87criss87 Junior Member Posts: 32
    Even thru duet?
  • PhreaKPhreaK Senior Member Posts: 966
    Duet is definitely a possibility. Technically you could also do it in NetLinx but there is no native support for any crypto - you will have to roll it yourself. The same thing applies for Duet, it does not load with any crypto libraries but you can take your pick of the many available that play nicely with J2ME CDC.
  • criss87criss87 Junior Member Posts: 32
    Ok, thanks
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