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Win8 Font Support

DigiMeDigiMe Posts: 59
Is there a limited font set support for TPControl on Windows 8 /RT ?

I tried using GuiFX font set: Failed.
I tried AMX Icon 3 font set: Failed.
(Need the power icon).

Hardware: ASUS Vivo Tab RT TF600T
OS: Windows 8 RT


  • The initial Win8 BETA release (v1.0.0.70) suffered from a bug which could result in certain fonts not appearing after the initial TP4 file transfer. Closing TPControl and restarting should result in those fonts appearing correctly. This problem has been rectified in development builds.

    The old format GuiFX font (deprecated by newer GuiFX fonts) includes non-standard indexing which causes issues cross-platform i.e. on iOS/Android the old-format GuiFX font does not work.

    We have re-indexed GuiFX fonts available if required that will work for For iOS/Android as well as Win8.
    Please contact [email protected] if you require these.
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