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Mio DMS with Buttons page flip problems

RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior MemberPosts: 373
In the past, I could use buttons 1 and 8 (Arrows Up & Down) to do page flips internally in Keypad Builder. Now, I am using the last version available ( and it looks like this feature has been disabled. I use Button 8 as my BACK/EXIT button and now it doesn't work anymore. The same applies for the up arrow button 1. The weird thing is that a file compiled in an old vesrion still works. As soon as I create new pages for the new sources, it doesn't work anymore. I have this job that needs reprogramming and I have a bunch of these keypads to deal with. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Not at my desk to look this up but you may need to assign program button numbers for the up/downs and do the page flips from code.
  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    You are correct, you need to assign channel numbers to the hidden buttons (Arrows up & down) on each page and then do the flips in code. It’s sad that AMX killed this feature for no reason. On older projects created a few years ago this feature worked fine. To confuse you more, they left the ability to assign page flips to these buttons in Keypad Builder, but the functionality was removed. It took me a few hours to realize that. After creating a whole keypad project and loading the keypad I found out that it doesn’t work. Finally, if I open an old file the flips still work, but they don’t work on newly created pages, which I need… What a waste of time. Thanks anyways!
  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    Correction. I just received a call from Jeff Williams (AMX Tech Support) and there is a way to still do page flips on buttons 1 and 8 (Arrows Up & Dow) under Keypad Builder. Make sure you assign the page flip to both buttons. For example: Button 8 and Scroll Down or on Button 1 and Scroll Up. Jeff said that somehow a change was made to accommodate the Mio DMS Pinnacle keypad, which has no hard buttons and for this feature to work on the Mio DMS Keypad with hard buttons, you have to assign the page flip twice. Thanks AMX Jeff! No I can continue programming without worrying of many page flips in code.
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