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EDID Programmer Error


Help please, we need to write EDID with audio. I have a problem with "EDID Programmer v1.2.1" software and switcher Optima AVS-OP-0808-DD0.
After "Query AutoPatch Device", I can see the switcher, but when I click "Refresh Display List" - field is blank. If I click "Read", I see error and program closes.

Error screen -

or https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5q6415k8rq5up7/EDID%20Programmer%20Error.png


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    HomerHomer Posts: 3
    Hi dimacco

    I had the same issue with this program and my notebook (hp elitebook 6930p, windows XP professional). After I tried with another older notebook from a colleague (also windows XP professional) the program works fine. It seems to be a hardware, program compatibility issue. If possible try with another notebook.
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    AntAnt Posts: 54
    I'm getting the same issue


    I'm getting the same issue but don't currently have the option of using an old laptop.

    Did anyone find a resolution to this?
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    you may install the DGX Configuration software, there you'll find EDID Programmer 1.4.0 in the folder
    C:\Program Files\AutoPatch\DGX Configuration Software1.0\bin
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