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Implementing Multiple Themes

What is the best way to implement multiple UI's for a panel - I know this is mainly done with code - but how exactly does it work. Do I load multiple TP4's on the controller and the code implements the right one? What is the best course of action for this.


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    There are probably many ways to pull this off. You might look at Chameleon images and see how they work.

    But a simple method would go something like this.

    You make a touch panel with a popups with only buttons, no background image or color. Then you create several pages of different color/graphic schemes. Then in code when you call up a page on a panel you look at which scheme that panel is supposed to be on. So for example you might send the panel a command based on that
    SEND_COMMAND devMyTPs[tp_id], " 'PAGE-MainPage'itoa(nCurrentTP_Theme[tp_])"

    And for example..
    MainPage1 might be your default
    MainPage2 might be kids design
    MainPage3 might be birthday
    MainPage4 might be Summertime

    You can also change button graphic schemes via button colors or Using different chameleon or icon graphics on the fly.

    Hope that helps
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