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Can not connect to NI-2000 via Ethernet

I have recently obtained old, used NI-2000 unit.
It works fine, but i can not connect to it using Ethernet. I connected via Program port, uploaded my program etc.
I'v changed IP address to manual (proper for my network of course), tried DHCP etc - no connection at all. LEDs on Ethernet port are blinking as they should. Cant see NI2000 in Zero config, cant connect to web interface...
Maybe there is a way to disable IP connections from console using Program port and previous owner/programmer did this? Any ideas?


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    misioooomisioooo Posts: 12
    Managed to solve this riddle.
    My home network was the problem. I have one router connected to WAN and set as AP and another router set as Client and distributing internet do devices (tv, hdd player, xbox) by wire. I connected NI 2000 to this client-router.
    Dont know why, but i can not connect to it then (i am connected to my AP router), but using cable PC - NI it worked enough to telnet AMX Master, set IP, ICSP port etc and now it works in NXS app (but still via direct connection, not by my messy home lan).
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