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Dynamic Images via FTP - multi-line welcome message bug

So I couldn't figure out why trying to load images from a FileZilla server worked in TPD4 but whenever I sent it to the panel I got nothing. Looking at the FZ server output and seeing the panel try to login but never got past sending USER. Hours of searching in vain here for 'dynamic image' (if only the forums supported TLA's in search this would have been much easier) I saw posts from most people grabbing their dynamic images of the NI's FTP server so thought maybe that's the only way to do it.


while upgrading an X series panel I saw the following note in changes:
-- Fixed problem downloading dynamic images via FTP if the server has multiple lines of welcome text


*Screams a few of my own TLA's*

Is this known issue documented anywhere? How was I supposed to know this?


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    AMX does not typically post or publicly mention known issues until they are (thought to be) resolved, usually in firmware changes. Critical items excepted... or where they have a temporary workaround.

    Calling Tech Support will often get you info of issues in progress, but they don't seem to share much of that internally either. Or they might be told not to "know". I know I've reported some issues 5 times only to be told 5 times that each was the first such report.

    But consider that anytime you call Tech Support, the first question will be "are you on the latest firmware?" so you might start there on every issue before calling...
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    ijedijed Posts: 28
    Unfortunately this bug has only been fixed on the X series panels.

    All other touchpanels I've tested on (TPI-PRO, 8400) with the latest firmware still has this bug.
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    maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    Is Filezilla Server running under your control? If so change the welcome message to be one line only (custom welcome message). Improper handling of multiline welcome message by a client is a known issue..
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