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NXD-700i image OR.. network card doesnt work when fully booted

Ok, I have a NXD-700i panel which when plugged into the network and has power, it shows the network lights blinking.

Once it completes booting up and goes to the default Touch panel page, the network lights go dark.

I'm thinking the firmware is corrupted possible on the CF card. This panel is technically new and from AMX, but was never pulled out of the box and sitting in the back of my office.

I have not tried connecting via the USB connection, but Im not sure I can update the software that way anyways.

Has anybody seen this before or had a solution?



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    The card going dark doesn't necessarily mean that. What are the network settings on the panel? Do they make sense with the configuration of the network? Is there a wireless card Init and is that configure in such a way that it connects and conflicts? Sounds like you have more troubleshooting to do.
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    rrdbstudiosrrdbstudios Posts: 160
    Yes, I've troubleshot it; the network settings are all correct, there is no wireless are installed.

    I did ake the CF are out of a CV-7 and tried to see if it would work, the panel would boot with that card and connect with the network, but when I would send a panel file or try to upload new firmware, it would fail; that is a known working card.

    ...this is what leads me to believe firmware on the card.

    I did lookup and see the USB port can be used to transfer firmware, I'll have to try that route come Monday.
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    rrdbstudiosrrdbstudios Posts: 160
    For those in the future with a problem like this, mine was able to be fixed via a firmware push from the USB port.

    If that hadn't worked, the next step is listening to the whats coming out of the debug port on boot.
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