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Enova DGX 32x32

I have something weird happening with an Enova 32x32 HDMI inputs and outputs. I set everything up and it works well for a while, aftyer a few days somehow the scaler settings are changing by themselves and some of my outputs don't display correctly. I have a setup with the first 4 outputs going to a RGB Spectrum 12 split screen. For these 4 outputs, I am setting the scaler to BYPASS, what works well but after a few days a couple of these change themselves to either MANUAL or AUTO, which compromises my display. Any similar experiences or ideas?


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    adimexadimex Posts: 21
    There are issues with the firmware where the scaler command does not work. The scaler setting needs to be set by the button in front of the unit.

    We had AMX onsite because we had a bunch of issues (by a bunch, I mean they were there for 3 days and we still have issues to this day (the AMX tech actually told some things that I don't think I can post here)). They made firmware modifications and we lost the scaler command.
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