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Custom_Event Resource Loaded?

Are there any plans to add support for this feature to the existing Modero & TPC tablets in a future firmware release?
^RFR-<resource name>,<notification option>
^RFRP-<resource name>, <notification option>
For Modero X, the ^RAF and ^RMF commands added the %C embedded code.

It works pretty darn well on an X series panels but it's pointless to do if it's only gonna work on X series and nothing else. I revisited some older testing code created by GSLogic a few years ago for Dynamic channel icons that are hosted on a master instead of a TP and now I can consistently refresh 16 icons between 8 users and each time I switch users all icons are updated in 2 seconds or less, every time. I'm taking a completely different approach from what Gary was trying but these new commands got me thinking about it and are critical to my timing since I'm using the custom event notification to trigger my next ^RAF and ^RFRP pair to a panel.

I guess moving forward the older modero's are that important to update but tablets will be very important.


  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I'm seeing a lot of this myself. So many jobs have mixed panel types, I have to use the older approaches and abandon the shiny new features because I'll be darned if I'm going to write different code for each panel type.
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