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MVP-7500 Failed Firmware Update

I bricked a MVP-7500 a while back during a firmware update. Update nearly completed then touch panel power cycled itself - no I was not touching unit when this happened. I was actually dressing some cables in the AV rack and watching the update progress at same time. I believe the problem is Compact Flash related. Does anyone have an image for firmware version 2.86.41? This is the version I was upgrading to when this happened. Since the update was nearly complete I am hoping the flash chip is updated and OK and the problem is the complact flash. Customer purcahsed a NXV-300 to replace the old MVP-7500. Unit wil turn on but will not boot past the AMX logo screen. Any other pearls of wisdom or ideas to fix are highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    At this age, it's become likely that any firmware upgrade done to a 7500 or 8400 that's been in service for several years will end as yours, with a failure. It may be just fine as is, but the deteriorating cards won't like writing in new patterns, so your upgrade causes the failure. Be prepared with cards before messing with older panels.
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