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MVP-8400 Replacement Wireless Cards

I have a Wireless CF card for a 8400 that is failing. Contacted my AMX dealer about a replacement unit and was told that the cards have been discontinued and there is no alternative. The card <i>might</i> be repairable but I would need to send to AMX for assessment.

Does anyone know of an aftermarket replacement card? CF Wireless cards are difficult to come by and I don't know which would work with an AMX unit. The card is one of the "Advanced" cards that enables the additional network security protocols.

I know it was the card that was failing as I swapped with a known working card and the issue followed the problematic card. Right now the symptoms is that the card will not see devices running on Channel 6. Unfortunately, I need that channel and the APs cannot be reassigned.



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    gsmithgsmith Posts: 59
    Please don't send it to AMX. The card is not repairable. Your only hope would be to find another 8400 on Ebay or somewhere and use the card out of it.
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    jabramsonjabramson Posts: 106
    It was an AMX employee (who told my dealer) to send it in. Might want to let them know not to (I figured it wasn't repairable anyway).

    I have, by chance, purchaed other 8400's off of ebay for other projects. They all have had the basic wireless card where i need the advanced.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    One of our dealers has at least dozen new G type cards for sale. We've used several to complete satisfaction.
    Contact me with an private message with your email or phone and I will forward your inquiry.
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    jabramsonjabramson Posts: 106
    Info sent, thanks!
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