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NI-3100 Port Reassignment

I have an NI3100 that has experienced the known failing ports issue. If I recall correctly, this does not affect all of the ports. Unfortunately, I do not have the source code for that program. Is there a way to reassign the ports (I.E. Port 1 is now port 5, 2 is 6, etc) without the source code?



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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Not that I'm aware of. Just buy a diode for $1.00 and replace the bad one using the instructions posted elsewhere. If this is the diode issue you other serial ports will fail too or be unreliable depending on the voltage sensitivity of the conected device.
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    jsnyderjsnyder Posts: 23
    Thats not diode sir!

    it is actually a 10mf surface mount capacitor.
    an awesome fix is found here.. http://www.amxforums.com/showthread.php?7064-Problem-Controlling-Sierra-Pro-Switcher&p=48733#post48733

    the location may vary slightly from model to model but i have used this fix 3 times so far. (50 controllers to go :) )

    you can order the caps from digikey online (get the best cap you can buy)

    re-assigning ports won't help as it likely affects all comm. ports.

    but your original question was related to getting the source code, use file transfer in Netlinx studio. receive|Add|Netlinx source code.

    once you have it saved, use Tools|file extraction|Extract from SRC file and point it to the file you saved.
    Good luck.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Yep you're right but in my defense that post was written prior to 6 am and I'm sure I had just awaken, grabbed my iPad off the nightstand and wrote that post while still 1/2 a sleep and partially blinded by the light from the iPad screen. :)
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    I think you can be forgiven vining.
    I am sure everyone knew what you meant.

    I don't do anything until after I have had coffee.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Even after coffee I'm not always all that sharp. I don't feel human until 10AM, then start fading at 3PM again. Where, oh where did my sunny youth go?

    But back on topic, if you don't want to mess with it, last time I had this issue (just a few weeks ago) AMX waived the minimum service charge and fixed it for $150. I thought it was well worth it to save me the time and bother.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    DHawthorne wrote: »
    AMX waived the minimum service charge and fixed it for $150. I thought it was well worth it to save me the time and bother.
    yeah that isn't so bad if you have an available loaner on hand. If you don't the repair can be done in about a 1/2 hour once you have in on the bench. The cap and soldering points are fairly small and if your eyesight sucks like mine you'll need a maginfying glass. Even with my poor eyesight and fat stubby fingers I've still been able to do it but for only $150.00 i might be tempted to ship it just to avoid the bother like Dave said.

    I would confirm that repair cost with tech before shipping, maybe they just like Dave and he's getting a special deal. I'm sure if I called in they would want $450.00. :)
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    truetrue Posts: 307
    This part might be able to be tested in-circuit; if so I'll try it out the next time I run into a dead one.

    I've also done this fix a couple of times. Last time all I had was an NTE radial electrolytic, thankfully the NIs just sit peacefully in resi racks so it won't vibrate off any time soon =)
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    We and several of our dealers have recently had the repair and paid $150 each time. So that's normal.

    We also had returned a couple with memory and IR issues, and were informed that they also replaced the (still working) caps while they were inside at no additional cost as a preventative measure. That was nice.
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