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TP multistate button state query??

Does anyone know of a command for the G4 panels that would query the panel for the current state of a multistate button.

I have looked through the manual and command history, and have found lots of send commands for text, colors, etc based on a specific button state, but nothing that shoots back any state status for a multistate button.

Am I overlooking something, or is this not a possibility.

I would like to have my code perform 3 separate functions dependent on the current state of the button when pressed.

If this is not currently possible, it would be a nice capability for the future.



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    see attached.

    Bill R.
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    This depends on the button you have created.

    A "Multistate General" button in its basic is a button with only 2 states, ON and OFF, and some animations steps between off-state and on-state.

    If you mean (an that's what i think you mean ;)) a button which can be set to a specific state, it's not a button but a "multistate bargraph" with a level code (to set the state) and also a channel code (to get a PUSH/RELEASE). In this case, it works like any bargraph..... make a CREATE_LEVEL to that button, or use a LEVEL_EVENT to it. If the button will be changed, you'll get the new value back.

    This may be useful if you control a level by buttons onboard the panel. But if you set the multistate bargraph to a new state from master, you know the value inside the master........ ;)
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    Multistate bargraphs are very useful as Marc describes, and I mostly send level to the button. Even if setting level on the panel itself, could always set variable on master when panel level changes.

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