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In the attachment, I have created a Lutron Homeworks module which works perfectly in site, i want to know if there is any customization i need to make to the ui and comm module code for the Lutron homeworks so that it is more efficient and reusable. I haven't tried the available AMX modules for Homeworks so i may have wasted my time here.

Also i am working on another module in the same attachment for HVAC gateway. I need to pass values from the gateway ui module back to the touch panel, i wanted to know if there is any other way than sending command to a virtual device or passing the tp array as parameters. Right now the values are stored in a structure in the ui module.


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    ajish.rajuajish.raju Posts: 185
    Here is the latest files after testing on site. I have also included a module for intesis ascii box . Both files were tested on site for a single room.
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