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Disable only certain types of maintenance alerts

Is there a way to disable select types of maintenance alerts? I want to stop sending out offline alerts, but keep all of the other maintenance alerts enabled.

ETA: Even a way to mass-edit all offline alerts across all devices to make them time delayed would help.


  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Sure is. This is where setting up some of the customisation options in RMS comes into play. Each paramater threshold is associated with what's called a 'Status Type'. There's some nice defaults set up when you install RMS but you can define as many of these as you like. The absolute best I've seen to date is one called 'WTF'. To see what's there or set up a new one head to 'Configuration' -> 'Status Types'.

    Now, status types are how you group together your thresholds and define all of your notification routing. If you look in your notification config ('Management' -> 'Notification Rules') you'll see that these are all based on those status types.

    Regarding the bulk edit of thresholds to set things like time delay this is not something that is currently achievable - however its a great idea.
  • mstocummstocum Posts: 120
    Is there an easy way to separate out lamp hour parameters, or other parameters which are provided "for free" from RmsNlSnapiComponents.axi? I'm trying to avoid modifying any of the standard include files (beyond those I've been forced to by #WARN directives in the include, I'm looking at you RmsSourceUsage.axi), but I also don't want to modify the parameters on every single device in the system.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    If you're wanting to set this up as your default then modifying RmsNlSnapiComponents.axi is the way to go. Make the change in one place in code and there's nothing more to do. This is the reason it's all open and editable.
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