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DXLINK problems

I am working on an install with a DGX16 and a DVX2155. The installer has used shielded CAT-6 for the DXLINK runs that are all less than 100m.

If I configure a particular TX/RX device using ethernet, I can then connect it to the DGX using a short CAT-5 Patch cable and everything shows up properly in the online tree.

When connecting the DXLINK cables to the transmitters/receivers in the intended location using the installers cable, I get power. I can also see some of them passing video. What doesn't happen is the device showing up in the online tree either as a bound or non-bound device.

I've been told that the cables "tested good", but I have no idea how they tested them.

I'm convinced based on my troubleshooting that it is a cable issue, but I'm not sure how to explain it to the installers what they need to look for.


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    kennethkkennethk Posts: 86
    Couple of days ago, i had a TP powering on POE, but not going online.
    I had to "prove" to the installer with a "good" cable, before i got "my wish" -That the installer re-terminated the cable.

    After that, all was good. They to, had "tested" the cable.

    Alot of different test equipment, and alot of different faults with cables.
    I guess they dont buy the most expensive ones...

    We do bring our own tester, a semi-cheap, who shows wiring and feet/mtr for each pair.
    When a damaged cable is tested, we can often see it at the length (different pairs have mtrs. different lenghts).
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    It'll be cables or terminations.
    You can get stats on a cable by connecting to the DGX serial or ENC port with a terminal, hitting ctrt+c to get to the shell then type SHOW STATS.
    You will see a list of signal strength values, if any are under 19dB there may be problems.
    For more information it's at the end of the DGX manual.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I'll give the stats thing a test tomorrow.

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    AuserAuser Posts: 506
    We've also seen I/O cards for Enova frames which pass power/video but on which the Ethernet is defective.

    They have had to go back for replacement. The issue seems to occur on an individual port basis (not all ports on a card are necessarily affected).
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    As expected, the problem was with bad terminations.
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    logicprologicpro Posts: 2

    In my opinion, any installer who doesn't certify or verify all LAN terminations is making a serious rookie mistake. In the last 25 years I have only seen the newbie's fight the tester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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