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MXD-430 Orientation issues

Currently working on a project, where we are using the MXD-430 panel. We didn't completely read through all the documentation for this panel prior to installing the back boxes and installed them in the Landscape orientation.

Months later we ordered the panels and found that they are only designed for Portrait install. We are weighing what we do to get past this issue, but wonder if we don't just install them in the Landscape orientation and then flip the graphic. Has anyone else run into this? Any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated.


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    All your text will be sideways. If you go 100% graphics for all buttons with no text, it could work.
    There's no other way until and unless AMX decides to make a landscape-capable firmware. Which they obviously know how to do (from the old 435), and I'd also like. From discussions with the product manager, it seemed to me to be more a concern that the AMX logo is sideways if they are landscape, and they don't want a separate production of the glass. So there it sits... "If there is enough demand, we can see about it..."

    So, no.
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    That's basically what I have heard back so far... My response has been "well, I guess your Portrait only touch panel is going to be installed Landscape unless someone can tell me that the hardware is going to be damaged by this".
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    nickmnickm Posts: 152
    Not to be a ball-buster, but....

    If you were the end-user and customer on this project, wouldn't you want the touch panels installed as originally intended by the manufacturer? You're trying to come up with a half-measure to a problem that was not created by the client. Honestly, I would immediately question an inverted logo on multiple touch panels that I've paid multiple thousands of dollars for. Is it nit-picking? Possibly. But as integrators we are paid to deliver a high-end product at a high-end price. These sorts of short cuts do the industry as whole absolutely no favors.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    Perhaps you are unaware that the prior 430 model came with firware that let you switch orientation. Two face plates were offered, one for each direction. Same hardware. When the new X series 430 was released, no mention of changing orientation was made, but presuming that functionality would not be reduced while the price doubled was certainly reasonable. Indeed, most of the original 430's/435's are shown in landscape position. The follow on product should have reasonably been expected to do that too. It's not a short-cut to plan a project design based on products as they are available at the time.

    This isn't a dealer just playing dumb. Your ball busting is indeed a bit more than deserved.
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    Nick, I do get what you are saying and wholeheartedly agree. I agree that the onus is on us the integrator's, to provide a system installed in a methodology that is approved by the manufacturer and in the most professional manner. Also, putting myself in the clients shoes I too would think something is funny with all of the AMX logos turned 90 degrees.

    Likewise, the line of logic that John presented is exactly how it happened. Additionally due to the way warranties are handled (from the date shipped), we hesitate on getting product until just before we actually need to use it so as not be caught replacing/repairing product has only really been installed and running 6 months but is technically a year old. Basically we bought and installed the back boxes during the rough phase of construction and once we were getting to a point where we were ready to pre-rack and test, ordered the equipment (panels included). Once we placed/received the order, we found out that this panel is portrait only. These things combined got us to where we are today.

    All of this has put us in a tough spot, where we either forced to pay other contractors/trades to fix the back box orientation or just install it and build the graphic side-ways. We went around the mountain with tech support and figured we would try here before we have to just do something. I do appreciate the suggestions made and am open to try just about anything to make this right as long as it doesn't cost too much.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    How many panels are we talking about? If the only viable options are creating bitmap graphics for any buttons with text and there's no dynamic variable text or rotating the back boxes and the patching the walls I would first look at the number of locations that need to be patched. Is there wall paper, stained wood, tile or stone or other millwork invloved, venetian plaster, etc I might consider the graphic option but that won't work if you have dynamic text. if's it all painted sheetrock I would just bite the bullet and fix the walls but it is possible to make a piece of trim (goof plate) that would cover the hole and negate the need to patch while allowing you to rotate the box.

    Personally I prefer to "old work" the boxes in after allowing my wires to be buried during the rough and subsequent sheetrocking. After we rough in the wires we video tape and map all locations on a set of plans. Putting back boxes in on the rough is a luxury I'm rarely allowed. Seems like most jobs I can't get customers to commit to anything during the rough except to wire for everything and anything with in reason.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    I'd bite down and change the boxes. You'll spend a lot of time making custom buttons and graphics only to find you need to make changes later that will be still more custom work, or find you need dynamic text and simply have to change the boxes later anyway. Not to mention the AMX being sideways, sure to get questions.
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    AuserAuser Posts: 506
    It didn't help the OP that AMX took so long releasing any specifications/documentation on this model either...
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