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tset vs set

Hi everyone
Sometime ago another programmer talked me into using 'tset' over 'set' for different reasons. I tried it(always will to try something new ;) ) but have ran across a couple of times were it would not work and could only get the device to working using 'set' Just wondering if anyone else has seen this?


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    What I can remember is an issue with the flash of the NXI, which may crash if you are overwriting it too often or at "unfavourable" time. With a NXI, it's better to use the TSET (temporarly set baud rate, not writing in flash) instead of SET (writing baud settings to flash). I'm not sure if all NetLinx devices are supporting TSET.
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    I use TSET most of the time (old habit from programming the NXI's) and I have never had a problem; used this on NI-700/2000/3000/4000 and NXC-COM2 cards. The NI manuals do refer to the TSET command.


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    Thanks guys, The problem occurred twice with a NXI on the last RS connector. It would not work with the 'tset' but once I used 'set' it worked fine. Neat problem.
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