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MET-ECOM-D resetting to factory settings automatically

I have two sites where the MET-ECOM-D automatically resets to factory settings and then it will work for weeks without any issue.

Both sites are having temperature range of 50 C which is below the maximum limit of 60 C which is the operating temperature of the device.

Both sites are using the latest firmware of 1.01.20. I heard there is a hot fix available, i will try to update to that firmware and check the issue.

I tried replacing the MET-ECOM-D but the new units also has the same issue. Has anyone faced a similar issue.


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    ajish.rajuajish.raju Posts: 185
    Here is the latest update. Upgraded all units to hot fix firmware 1.01.22 but the Main Entrance unit which is the most used has reset again to factory settings. The other units are very rarely used but installed for future use.

    I have a spare unit available and so i will replace this main entrance unit and observe.
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    logicprologicpro Posts: 2
    Met Ecom woes

    have recently battled with 4 Met ecoms that worked fine for a year. The big concern was that one was around 75 feet past POE maximum distance. After a S@*%load of wasted hours trying to troubleshoot, it appeared to be the K-Scape module tying up ports. So I suggest RS-232 for K-Scape, and load Met-Ecom firmware locally not over distance
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