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DVX3150 Video Mute/Monitor standby

Hi forums,

I have a DVX 3150. I have plugged a monitor into one of the HDMI outs. Works great. My problem is the monitor is not going into standby mode. I have tried the video mute and it blanks the output but still does not allow the monitor to go into standby. I admittedly have not had a lot of experience with the DVX but I don't see a way to turn the output signal off in order to allow the monitor to sleep.

I have tried assigning a 0 input to the output which has the same effect (visually) as video mute. I have tried both zeroing the input and activating video mute at the same time with the same result. I can get logo's, blue or black screens and test patterns, I just can't turn the damn thing off.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sorry for my noobness.



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    Standby mode

    When the DVX enters Standby Mode, all video and audio circuitry are turned off. The DVX does not produce
    a video or audio output signal in low power state.
    You just need to pulse channel 100 on your device
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    rynandorynando Posts: 68
    I suspect that the DVX will always supply video to the output ports. The "Blank Screen" setting doesn't have an option for "No Video" at least not that I recall. Short of putting the entire DVX to sleep (which I've not tried) I think you're out of luck.

    Is the display you're using not being controlled by the DVX system? I'd imagine not as if it were you would just turn it off via your program.
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    annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    Gday Morris,

    What you are looking for are the VIDOUT_ON-ENABLE and VIDOUT_ON-DISABLE commands. I use it on my DVX-2100 systems for monitor sleeping. I just tested it on my DVX-3155 and it works there as well.

    When I detect that the current source has gone to sleep I disable the monitor output so it also sleeps. Put a bit of lag/latency before your VIDOUT_ON-DISABLE to cater for resolution changes, since the sync can drop out briefly. (E.g. When a Windows PC is booting the resolution can change many times. I wait for 10 seconds of no-sync on the input before disabling the output.)

    Some versions of DVX-2100 Switcher fw disable the wrong/opposite video output (prior to v1.4.34, except for v1.4.22 which is correct). It looks correct on the current DVX-3155 Switcher (v1.4.4). If you get any discrepancies, use a dev_info_struct to check your fw version and adjust your enable/disable commands accordingly. I do this check at boot-time and use a variable for the port # in my commands.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University.
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    MorrisMorris Posts: 21
    Thanks for the replies,

    The monitors are linked to three PC's so must always remain available even while the room system is off. There is an LCD touch panel as the main display that is turned off by my program. If I put the DVX into standby mode then the user must turn the system on to use a pc (which is pointless if they just want to check emails). When the PC's sleep the monitors do not.

    I will contact AMX to clarify if there is indeed a way to stop output when it sees no input. If they resolve my issue I shall post the resolution here.

    Thanks again.
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    MorrisMorris Posts: 21
    Thanks annuello,

    This sounds just like what I need. I shall try it now.
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    MorrisMorris Posts: 21
    OMG, I can't believe I missed that command. It is literally the one after the VIDOUT_MUTE in the docs. *Face Palm*

    Thanks again Roger.
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