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Playlist Itunes or other player (for PC or Mac)

Dear Members,

After reading many post, it seems so far that the only solution to control an audio player (itunes for example) (on a mac or pc) is a module from Autonomic (iTunes module for ******** and AMX)

Our need is to have a two way communication with an audio player hosted on a PC (or mac) in order to select, start and stop playlist, next, previous on track and having feed back on the track, and general volume control (Art Cover display would be a must :o)

Unfortunately, after getting in touch with Autonomic, they do not provide any "test" solution, so i wanted if :

1/ Any of you can provide feedback on this solution from Autonomic
2/ If there is an alternative solution

Best regards.



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    youstrayoustra Posts: 135
    I tried Autonomic on a test bench and it was a trainwreck. I was using the software server on new-build PCs (tried it on several custom builds tailored for autonomic). They have a hardware solution as well, which may be better, though I've heard iffy things about the module structure.

    I ended up using a bunch of rack-mounted Squeezebox touches, using the slimserver module. The Squeezebox Touches automatically sync w/ iTunes songs/lists and it all works fabulously w/ 2-way control to TPs, KPs, RCs. Unfortunately, Logitech has EOLed the Touches, but I'd use an old Touch over a new Autonomic anyday.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I used to use a Roku SoundBridge but they're now extinct. I like the Logitect Touch but they're hard to come by since they're no longer made and getting more expensive day by day. I've never tried but I believe you can sync an Itunes library to the Logitech Media Server software which can run on an ARM , PI devices or any Linux or PC. I personally prefer the VortexBox which can run 3 individual streams with 3 individual audio outputs. There's alsoa SqueezeLite software with a smaller footprint.
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    We had to write our own Autonomics module. Its a one-module solution that can control all the zones simultaneously and can handle many mulyiple panels. It works pretty well but did take quite a bit of teaming to get right. I realze we are living one firmware upgrade from disaster. I must admit I'm really burned out on media servers in general. I've done tons of them and they all seem to share the same issues.

    Oddly designed UI that follow no standard.
    Half-baked API that clearly were pushed out to meet an arbitrary marketing deadline.
    Kludgey workarounds to get them to function.
    Capricious manufacturers who retool their product just to make a new box to sell
    Lots of time required to develop an implementation that's stable
    Short lifespan.

    People are pretty used to things like the Apple interface and the like. I tend to lethem use their normal interface and just make sure the audio input is hot.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    Seems like the ARQ - REQUEST breaks most of your rules of thumb, reliable protocols that have lasted from their version 1.x to the present 6.x across 12 years.
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    John Nagy wrote: »
    Seems like the ARQ - REQUEST breaks most of your rules of thumb, reliable protocols that have lasted from their version 1.x to the present 6.x across 12 years.

    Yeah, the ReQuest has done very well. There was the whole Hulu thing and their heavy reliance on icons in their GUI that made it next to impossible to import their TP into a project. But, yes it was pretty good. Kaleidescape too. Both not to bad.
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