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Page/subpage/popup page limits

It has come to my understanding that AMX has a 500 page/subpage/popup page limit. However according to AMX tech support this can be bypassed by TPC when programming a TPC device (iOS, Anroid, etc) since they/you are a third party. Here is a quote:
"The limits I gave you were for actual AMX panels and not for TPControl panels. I don't know if they have followed our limits or not. They may expand the limit, depending on the capacity of the IPad. They are a 3rd party company and we just license technology to them with guidelines to follow. But they could enhance and still be within guidelines for sure"
My feature request for TPControl is, that this limit be removed or raised significantly or may have this limit not be placed on subpages.
Thanks You


  • The 500 page/popup limit is imposed by TPDesign4 when creating TP4 files. So, unless the limit is raised by AMX within TPDesign4, then you cannot create a TP4 file for use with TPControl that exceeds the current 500 page/popup limit.
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