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RMS with more than 300 rooms

As mentioned in page 11 of RMS 3.3 Quick Start Guide PDF file (revision H):

"Note: For RMS systems with more than 300 rooms, the database must be installed on an
external database server and not installed on the same server machine as the RMS software."

So, in case that I have two RMS servers (one server for 540 rooms & another server for 535 rooms), does this mean that I "must" install SQL Server on one dedicated server, and two other dedicated servers for the two RMS?

Could anyone clarify this note for me? Thanks.


  • RMS with more than 300 rooms

    The scenario that you describe would require three servers. It is always recommended that SQL run on a separate server but you may run multiple databases that server several RMS servers or other applications.
  • ogharibogharib Posts: 12
    2 RMS share same database

    So, would the 2 RMS servers share the same database on the DB server?
  • 2 RMS share same database

    The two RMS servers would share the same SQL server but different databases. Each RMS server creates a database for its unique application.
    If the two RMS servers were set up in clustered mode sharing an entitilement, then they would point to the same database. This was not what you described though, you presented it as two completely different systems serving separate customers.
  • ogharibogharib Posts: 12
    2 RMS for the same customer

    Yes, you are right. It is a fact that the same customer would be using both RMS servers with one common URL.

    Is there any documentation regarding the "clustered mode sharing an entitilement" details, other than "Microsoft Cluster Service" section (page 43 in RMS 3.3 IT Administrator Guide PDF file)?
  • OK, it did not make sense for two separate licesed servers, you would need to have the combined under a single license that would be shared. Please contact AMX Technical Support for details on setting up redundant RMS 3 servers. The RMS 3 platform does not support load balancing so if you are looking for anything beyond failover, you should look at an upgrade to RMS Enterprise.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    You should look at RMS Enterprise regardless :)
  • ogharibogharib Posts: 12
    1 RMS to control 1000+ Rooms

    But, if redundancy would be used, each of the two RMS 3.3 servers would be able to handle (monitor/control) more than 1000 rooms (1075 rooms).
    Isn't there a limit with one RMS server in handling a maximum of 1000 rooms? Is that possible with RMS 3.3?

    Servers installed: 3 physical servers [ One DB server + Two RMS servers ]
    - The DB server would have *only one* RMS DB to store details for 1075 rooms.
    - Each RMS server would use the *same* DB on the DB server.
    - The first RMS server would have 1 server license and 1075 asset licenses.
    - The second RMS server would have neither server nor asset licenses at all.

    Please, could anyone correct me if I am wrong? Thanks.
  • No, redundancy implies only failover capabilities so you would not be exceeding the max 1000 rooms.
  • ogharibogharib Posts: 12
    2 RMS + 1 DB

    As far as I could visualize, we have 2 RMS servers (running on 2 separate Windows Server 2008) and 1 DB server (running on a third Windows Server 2008).

    RMS server 1 would create the database on DB server (using "Create A New RMS Database" option from RMS Configuration Wizard). 1 Server license + 1075 asset licenses would be added to RMS server 1.

    RMS server 2 would use "Connect To An Existing Database 3.0 (or later) Database" option to choose the previously-created database (from previous step). Absolutely, no RMS licenses (server or assets) would be added to RMS server 2.

    DB server would have the only one database... to be shared with both RMS servers 1 & 2. The database will store the 1075 rooms (including their assets).

    By using failover clustering, only one RMS server will be online at a time (not both at the same time).

    Do I clearly understand the situation now?
  • Please see page 37 in the RMS IT Admin Guide, this should explain to your satisfaction. Otherwise AMX Technical Suppoort is a great resource.
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