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Boeckeler print command

I need to make a Boeckeler CPN-5000 print via RS-232. The protocol is super easy but I can not get it to work.
The manual says to send "ESC(CPP" and since I can not send ESC, I send "$1B(CPP". Well actually I send "$1B,'(CPP'".
Still nothing works. I have tried with and with out LF and CR.
I am set to 9600,n,8,1. Swapped pins 2 and 3. Used a fully pinned cable but still no luck.
I can print from the touch interface on the Boeckeler but not via rs232.

Thanks as always for all your help.


  • rfletcherrfletcher Posts: 217
    Kenny wrote: »
    Used a fully pinned cable but still no luck.

    It's possible you need flow control (pins 7 & 8) but that the other excess pins being connected are causing issues since the AMX serial port implements RS-422.
  • KennyKenny Posts: 209
    Boeckeler came back a few days later and mentioned that i may need to turn off then back on the port on the unit. This worked.
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