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Problem with Smart Board 8070i duet module?


I need to control the Smart Board 8070i and am using the duet module SmartTech_8070i_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar. For some reason I am not able to turn the TV ON using the module. Has anybody faced a similar issue with this third party device or the duet module for it? When I enabled notifications in Netlinx Studio the module returns something like $0F0F...



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    champchamp Posts: 261
    Make sure you are sending the correct PROPERTY commands to the vdv when it comes online so that you are telling it the right port settings or IP address.
    Send the command DEBUG-4 to the vdv and see if you get a clue what is going on.
    Try upping the duet memory in telnet (set duet mem) to 8M or more.
    Maybe it is a firmware issue, if you are using v3 firmware try updating to v4 otherwise try rolling back.
    Check the cables / network configuration.
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    stopuzstopuz Posts: 15
    The firmware of the master or the smart board?
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    The master
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    A bit late to comment on this but-I noticed working on creating a module with these for RS232 is that the display power saving mode is set to 'eco' by default, which means when the powerstate=off string is issued, the 'eco' mode shuts off the serial port - I suppose they're really serious about saving energy.. Anyway, The actual panels I'm seeing are NEC 70's so if you're familiar with those, the menus are pretty easy to get around. Two options that I see, either way you have to turn the display on manually. If I were feeling up to the extra work I'd have a device online event see the thing and send setstandbymode=normal, or you could just do it using the on-screen menu at the display. Me being lazy I go with plan B..
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