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Duet search?

Can we get a way to search InConcert for Duet modules? Or at least put a comprehensive list up somewhere of the Duet modules available? It's not much of an incentive to migrate to a new technology if you make it inaccessible; it's absurd for me to search for individual devices just to see if there is a Duet version available.

While I'm at it - if you do ANY kind of InConcert search, it only displays a partial list if there is more than one page. I just tried searching for all Netlink devices, and got 97 hits. I did a completely unqualified search, that should have shown everything, and got 79. In neither case did the device lists get past the A's, and in neither case was there any option to go to a continuing page.

Sometimes, I will purchase a device specifically because it is listed as something I don't have to write my own controls for. I can't "browse" for items that way very well if I can't ever be sure I'm getting the entire listing.


  • I also find that it is useful to search for all Duet Modules available in Inconcert. Currently, I use "Search New Release" to search for new Duet Jar Files.
  • I agree with Dave Hawthorne. Either put a link on the Duet web site to access all Duet Modules or under the Control Method in the Inconcert Search add Duet as an option to flag all duet modules. Making it easier to find Duet modules will also increase their usage.

  • There is a check box option for 'Duet Modules' found just under the 'AMX Systems' drop down box next to the 'Standard Modules' check box on the Device Search page. If you check this box only and click on 'Search' you should get just the modules that are Dut Only for now since there are about only 40.
    Once there are more than 100 Duet Modules it will only show the first 100 if they are all marked for External use - if not, you may get 97 External and 3 Internal that will not show until they are fully released.
    I do agree that a 'Next Page' option would be useful and also an option to limit how many devices it would show per page.
  • JonnyAMX,

    I might be doing something wrong. I can't find the DUET MODULES check box as you described in the SEARCH DEVICES web page. Maybe it is available only internally to AMX? Please post a screen shoot showing check box.


  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    I might be doing something wrong...
    I don't think so Ricardo. I don't see it either.
  • It might be internal only - I will do some research to find out - in the meantime here is a screenshot.
  • Fixed

    A check box should now appear in the InConcert section to allow searches for Duet modules only. Please reply if this does not work.


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