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AMX newbie, Software questions...

Hi there folks,

I'm fairly new to the field of AMX kit, I've got myself an Axcent3, two VPT-CP's, AXR-RF, AXT-EL, LC touch panel and a card frame (which is on the shelf for now)

I'm attempting to program the Axcent3 unit with Axcessx, although this is a Dos based program and as such it has limitations aswell as slow performance on a winXP machine :) - Is there any way I can obtain a newer version of this program, maybe something more geared to being ran on XP, is this where Netlinx studio comes in?

Along those lines, IR commands and sending IR commands to a Pioneer VSX-D510 Amplifier, I've tried a few standard commands, as listed in the Axcent3 manual, but I doubt I'm doing it right - SEND_COMMAND 9,"'SP',30" - etc is what I have tried, I believe I'll need a tool called IRedit.

Many thanks in advance for your help :)



  • Hi Dave
    Studio would really help you out. AxcessX was great in her day but as you said with todays OS's DOS is not handled as well as the older OS's did.
    If you don't have access to the AMX web-page to download the software you could try to contact them and request a copy on CD.
    Now for the IR stuff. Have you defined the device in the program?
    Here is a quick example:

    VHS = 8
    PLAY = 1
    STOP = 2
    PAUSE = 3
    FFWD = 4
    REW = 5
    SRCH_UP = 6
    SRCH_DN = 7
    REC = 8
    POWER = 9
    There are better ways to do this but this is just a quick example to get you started. Don't forget to load the IR file into the correct bank.
  • Thanks for the info Thomas!

    I've had a look on the AMX website for Netlinx studio, but can't seem to find anything thats publicly available, have you any other possible ways to locate the software?

    I haven't done the whole device defining things yet, only tried to send commands like; PULSE[8,40] etc, but without NL studio I can't load IR files.

    I'm a bit stuck without the software :)
  • All authorized dealers have access to the software. You may have to contact AMX and get your account setup.

    I wasn't aware that the forums were open to everyone, but I guess so. If you're not an authorized dealer, you are really not intitled to the software.

    Kevin D.
  • I'm actually considering working with AMX equipment as part of my business (in the field of IT) - so a dealer account would be appropiate I would imagine, I've contacted AMX via e-mail about this and heard nothing back.

    If any AMX staff are reading, how does one go about this procedure?

    Thanks in advance,
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