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NI-3101-SIG not connecting after rebooting.

I got 9 NI-3101 processors at a site with master to master and route mode direct mode set. Some times the masters when its rebooted, it takes a long time to come online on the online tree. I am able to telnet to the processor at those times and i see that its trying to connect to the other masters,etc. Please see attached file below.

Now if i remove the network cable and reboot the processor, i can see it come online on the online tree when i place the network cable after about five minutes. I am not sure if its a firmware (1.30.8 and 3.60.453). The ethernet mode set in the processors is 100 full after consulting with the network admin at site. Please guide if you have faced a similar issue.


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    If you are running any duet modules, reboot times can be pretty long. You might telnet into the master and watch for the duet modules coming online. You'll see a bunch of memory allocated messages beforhand. That will at least tell you that the device is truly online.
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    ajish.rajuajish.raju Posts: 185
    Not having any duet modules running in this processor. Just an intercom module and another netlinx module
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    ajish.rajuajish.raju Posts: 185
    Able to resolve this issue with the help of Tech Support. I needed to do the following

    1. Upgrade only the duet master firmware to the latest on the website (4.1.373)

    2. Make sure that no master to master devices are listed in the define_device unless its used in the masters.
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