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expanded resolution options for android tpc

There are many android tablets that handle 1920x1080+ native and it would be very valuable to have at least a 1920x800 resolution option so we could do a direct "save as different panel type" from a 2000XL panel design and have all the new supported features transfer over.


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    You can make custom resolution definitions for TPDesign4.
    The file is "ppf.xml" in your Common Files/AMX Shared folder.

    Back up the ppf file, then pick a profile to alter, change the resolution info, restart TPD4 and try that entry.
    Here's one entry for a 5200.

    <description>5.2 inch color wireless touch panel with intercom</description>
    <rate>60 Hertz</rate>
    <systemCodeGroup>G4 Common Codes v2</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>MVP Common</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>Modero Common Codes</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>MVP 8400 Common</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>mips Firmware with Sound Common</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>Wireless G</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>Modero Secondary Interface Codes</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>USB Network Interface Codes</systemCodeGroup>
    <systemCodeGroup>Modero Sensors Codes</systemCodeGroup>
    <text>Battery Setup: Disable Panel Dim When On Battery Power</text>
    <description>When active will turn off the panels automatic dimming of the brightness to 80%</description>
    <text>Secondary Network Interface: Setup Secondary Network Interface</text>
    <text>Primary Network Interface: Setup Primary Network Interface</text>
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    We do not encourage or recommend editing the PPF.XML file without understanding you may break things in TPDesign4 as a result. Also, any changes you make are likely to be overwritten when updating TPDesign4, G4SupportFiles, or TPTransfer as each application edits/replaces sections within the PPF.XML as well as other resources.

    Importantly, TPControl is TP4 file agnostic. That means, you can transfer ANY TP4 file created under any template/resolution to TPControl. So, you can simply send the 2000XL TP4 file to TPControl and if required use the 'Screen Resize' options in TPControl Settings to adjust to suit.
    Also, 1920x1080 is available under the 'Windows (TPC)' TPDesign4 file templates, if you would like to use it.

    Hope this helps.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    I agree, small errors will break the definition. Save a clean copy and make a backup of your edited copy if it works. A new install of nearly anything related to TPTRANSFER or TPD4 may overwrite your custom file.

    The main reason to take your chances and do this is to support an Android of odd size - there are so many different resolutions in the Android family of devices. There is a marked loss of speed when SCALING or STRETCHING is turned on, especially with the Android TPC app that is slower than the iOS to begin with. Making a native size project is a way to preserve whatever speed you can. (Don't use visual effects like fade either, they eat speed like candy on the Android.)

    Worth the risks, but yes, be sure you know what you are doing, test, back up old and new files, and leave yourself a way to recover.
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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    I have actually already converted a 2000XL file into a Win8 1920x1080 version and was using that to test on my PC. I never tried loading it into the android version. (I'll have to return my hacker license now).

    FYI for anyone interested:

    I assigned the 1920x1080 tpc win8 file to an android device and it loaded and looks fine.
    I assigned a standard 2000XL (1920x800) file and it also loads just fine (with black bars on top and bottom).
    The Win8 TPC app installs on the intel desktop version of windows, so now we have an "xpanel" of our own.
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    Cool, thanks for the update Greg. No need to turn your hackers license in just yet ;)
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