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AMX HDMI-UTPRO RS232 Control Protocol

I am doing a job where the clients current HDMI Matrix switcher has died and is need of replacement. So I plan on installing replacing it with a HDMI-UTPRO but there is a catch.

The system in place is not AMX but is RTI. Is it possible to issue RS232 commands from the RTI Proccessor to control the matrix.

Is there an available protocol.


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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    The 8x8 model (the first one I looked up) has a control port for 3rd party systems. It says the protocol is the BCS protocol, which is essentially the original autopatch control protocol at 9600 baud default.

    And from the manual that looks like:

    C for (C)onnect
    L0 is the switching plane or (L)evel - usually trying 0 for both audio and video is a good first bet.
    I1 is the (I)nput (1)
    O2 is the (O)utput (2)
    T is the terminator (short for Take)
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Don't forget that BCS is character based, it processes each character it receives (Hence the T for take at the end). So it's good practice to precede every command with an X. That will cancel any prior command that might not have been completed, for whatever reason, instead of trying to sling your current command in on top of it.
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