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Basic help with IP control, specifically Media Matrix Nion

HKPhooeyHKPhooey Junior MemberPosts: 3
I have done a bit of AMX programming in the past, but all serial devices.
I need to control a Media Matrix Nion over IP and would really appreciate any guidance.
I have read the IP Communication section of the Netlinx Language Reference Guide, but not getting very far.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    I think they cover IP communications pretty well in the Programmer II class. I'd just contact your sales rep and they can set you up. Covering the basics of IP communications might be a bit of a chore here.
  • HKPhooeyHKPhooey Junior Member Posts: 3
    I am connected, but...

    I spoke to a friend that helped clarify the basic connection procedure, but I am only getting errors from Nion with the following command:


    PUSH: SEND_STRING NION01,"'controlSet "VOL-BGM-BRA" -3.4',$0D"

    Any ideas what is wrong with this?
  • HKPhooeyHKPhooey Junior Member Posts: 3
    Try logging in?

    I was not logged in :-)
    All good now.
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