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What are the port numbres on a MIO R4 for IR operation?

On the TPDesign4 Programmer's Report - Panel: MIOR4 it states that there are;

IR Ports Assigned:

AMX 38KHz IR Emit
AMX 455KHz IR Emit
User IR 1
User IR 2
User IR 3
User IR 4
User IR 5
User IR 6
User IR 7
User IR 8

I've read the manual and quick start guide but they say nothing about these ports.

How do I access these ports?


  • a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,619
    I believe they are for sending IR directly from the R4 to a device just like a regular old IR remote. I've never actually used it on an R4 but have on a MVP-5200 for IR code testing. Its a bit of a rigamarole to get working, so you can safely ignore it unless you really need it, but its explained in the help file.
  • IR Emitters and Receivers tab

    Select File > Project Properties > IR Emitters and Receivers tab is nonexistent on the project properties page. I tried to create a new R4 panel using keypad with transport functions but the tab did not show up. I tried the two teletext keypads as well with no success. I am using TPD4 3.3.0 build 674.

    What must one do to get the IR Emitters and Receivers tab to be present as a tab on the project properties page?
  • I checked with Tech Support on this issue and am told that the R4 does not have IR transmit support. Aside from the TPD Programmer report, were there other references you came across to suggest IR support in this model?
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