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Amino H140 Serial Port Question

RaphayoRaphayo Junior MemberPosts: 111
Hi All,

On the Amino H140 there is a serial port in the back who can be use to basically control a third party device over the vision2 server.

Here's the Serial Connector Pin Out:

1. IR - Input 5.5V max. TTL
2. RS232-Rx Input
3. RS232-Tx Output
4. RS232-DTR Output
5 0v ref. output
6. -
7. RS232 CTS output
8. -
9. IR Passthrought 4mA max LVTTL

Some know if we could use the pin 1 or the pin 9 to sent the Amino IR command instead of sticking an ir emitter in the front of the box. It will be much cleaner.

Thanks for your input.


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