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atomico64atomico64 Junior MemberPosts: 15
Hi friends,

The new AMX RPM desapoint me whyyy????

-i cant add new devices
-only a predefinied systems and deploys
-when you finish, the generate a propietary code and only you can send it into the NI with the rpm loader...

If you use it, please how can add a another switcher like Atlona????

Prove it



  • travistravis Junior Member Posts: 180
    Anyone deployed a project yet?
  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 445
    RPM is a highly configurable cloud based tool. Can you elaborate on what you mean by pre-configured rooms only? When a new project is created, there are multiple room types that can be selected -- as well as a "custom" room type. In all of the room types, you can add-to or remove-from those designs. There are arrows next to each device type that allow you to change the quantities. To remove something from a room design, take the quantity to zero.

    When we released this free tool to the community, we did stipulate that all RPM solutions will need to use AMX/AutoPatch video switching. You can go direct to a display as a third option. This was a choice we made - if you want to use our tool for free code, you will use our video switching products. If you need to use a different manufacturer for video switching, feel free to write custom code.

  • JoeJoe Junior Member Posts: 99
    I realize this is an old post, but I have found myself needing to use RPM because of a user-specified MPC-108. And this system does have an Atlona switcher in it. So how does one go about adding control for this to the MPC-108?
    I would much rather knock something out in Studio, but apparently that isn't an option with these control pads.

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