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Extron MVX 44A Volume Control

Please help me in this.. I am trying to control output volume from switcher.In Extron manual only volume control for Input devices is mentioned but not for Output. An amplifier is connected to the audio output of the switcher.I am using these commands

SEND_STRING dvSwitcher, '1+V' // Volume Increase 1 Level


SEND_STRING dvSwitcher, '1-V' // Volume Decrease by 1 Level


  • tdewildtdewild Junior Member Posts: 49
    You can`t.

    You can set the level of gain or attenuation for each audio input channel.
    Output levels can only be switched between +4 dBu professional and -10 dBv consumer levels.
  • JasonSJasonS If I had known it was going to be that kind of party... Posts: 229
    I would avoid using input gain level controls on a switch for volume control if possible. Input gain adjustments are intended for matching output levels of your sources to the audio circuitry in the switch, using this as a volume control can lead to noise issues.
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