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Looking for a quick IR fix for a Sharp TV

PyroGuyPyroGuy Junior MemberPosts: 114
Hi all...

It's been a long time since I've had to ask for help! No AMX work lately.

I'm hoping someone has an IR file for a Sharp TV - LC70LE650U or similar.

Client replaced a Sony TV with a Sharp and now asked us why the AMX keypad doesn't work. I know that IR is "old school" but as I am working with the existing system, the only thing that was wired in was the IR for control. IP is not an option.

I haven't been able to find an IR code set to use to get them up and running - and of course, they want it now! I'm trying to borrow an IRIS from an associate but I think he is on holidays.

Anyone have an IR file that they wouldn't mind sharing? Power and source selection are the main requirements. Audio is handled externally.

Thanks in advance.


  • mpullinmpullin Obvious Troll Account, Marked for Deletion Posts: 949
    Hope this one does something, it was for an Aquos series.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,608
    For most SHARP TV's, Matt's file will work fine. A few (cheap) consumer-outlet versions are different, and lack discrete ON and OFF. We have a couple of these, ask again if Matt's file fails. It will be bad news, because you will only have a power toggle and will need to manage state yourself.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    Last device I was forced to use that didn't have discretes, or any reliable way to power-sync, I just told the end user they had to be sure they only used the AMX controller to turn it on and off, and I tracked it with a variable. Then I told them what to do if it if it got out of sync. It wasn't really a problem after that. Of course, some clients will never be satisfied with that kind of an answer, and those you just have to make sure you sell them a TV that does have them.
  • truetrue Junior Member Posts: 307
    Those customers are usually the ones that bought the TVs themselves and insist you make them work :)

    Another way if you have IO without using a power sensor and an additional conductor going to the TV is detecting +5V on a USB port...most new TVs have USB ports and many will only power them when the TV is on. (Yeah, about customers buying their own TVs...)

    Sharp has been pretty good about their codes; even those outlet TVs in the last couple of years seem to use the same ones reliably. However they sometimes have a minimum required IR pulse time to sense and turn on but that's usually not an issue on AMX.
  • PyroGuyPyroGuy Junior Member Posts: 114
    Thanks all...

    In desperation, I stated trying some of the "old" tv ir remote posted on the IR repository on AMX's website. The codes hadn't changed too much and a bit of moving around of the various required channels solved the problem. This is controlled by a Modero Mio keypad and it is the ONLY control available in the room so toggling power is easy - it's either on or off and 1 power button on the KP.

    Thanks for the replies. I can always count on this forum for support. I just wish that I was more advanced so that I could contribute back a bit!
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