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Cisco StadiumVision

Has anyone had any experience with Cisco's StadiumVision? I have the API and the implementation guide, and while it seems relatively straightforward, I thought I'd put out a query in case someone knows and tips or tricks. We're just going to be using one TP to control 8 DMPs/displays, so it's not an extensive system.


  • RichardHamiltonRichardHamilton Member Posts: 58
    I've done some preparation work with the DMPs and have a program ready to go (and tested on a single DMP).

    This program is really about controlling the display devices attached to the DMPs. I've setup some commands for basic DMP control, but I haven't had a live system to work with yet to test channel selection on IPTV etc.

    Maybe this is the type of system you are referring to.

    In which case, it's all HTTPS, from what I can see.

    So be prepared :) There are a few ways to deal with the HTTPS issue.

    Am I on the right page with you for this product? I wont bore you with anymore details in case I'm on the wrong track.
  • Jeff LockyearJeff Lockyear Junior Member Posts: 147
    You're totally on the right track, thanks! We'll be dealing with a single room of 8 displays, controlling the displays (via the DMPs) and channel/album control.

    How are you handling the HTTPS connection?
  • RichardHamiltonRichardHamilton Member Posts: 58
    The HTTPS issue is a mild concern.

    There are at least three solutions.

    Two solutions will require a PC. The third solution, as I understand it, is the new NX series processors and a Duet module - but I haven't had the chance to investigate that path.

    So, back to two PC options. The first was something I read about on this forum, and involves doing some scripting on a linux box.

    The final option I've taken is to write an application in Windows that will act as a gateway and take HTTP commands from the AMX processor and convert them to HTTPS for the DMPs.

    As I mentioned earlier, this has worked on the bench with a test system. I am still waiting to get my chance to scale the project up into the site wide system.

    Anyway, if you are planning a new project, maybe the NX will solve the HTTPS issue. If they had been ready six months ago then maybe I would have looked closer for this latest installation.

    Lastly, the DMP SDK is reasonably simple to implement.

    This is some sample http preparation ..

    ciscoDMP[index].cmdline = "'GET /set_param?',comand,' HTTPS/1.1', 13,10,
    'Host: ', ciscoDMP[index].network, 13, 10,
    'User: ', ciscoDMP[index].user, 13, 10,
    'Pass: ', ciscoDMP[index].password, 13, 10,
    'Connection: Close', 13, 10,
    13, 10,
    13, 10";

    where 'command' would be something like ..

    'mng.command=write ciscocraft showIP{}'



    See how you go with those suggestions. I'm very curious what approach you choose in the end. I'd certainly like to avoid the gateway PC if possible.
  • Jeff LockyearJeff Lockyear Junior Member Posts: 147
    The API doesn't look too bad, but I figure the trick will be in the implementation. I'm not savvy in Java myself, but I was speaking with someone at AMX about a simple Duet module that could act as a go-between my Netlinx StadiumVision module and the device itself via https. As you said, using a PC isn't a preferred option

    I'll definitely update when and if this rolls out. Thanks again!

  • Jeff LockyearJeff Lockyear Junior Member Posts: 147
    Have you had a chance to actually test a system? I'm heading into one this week (high pressure, of course). Fortunately the interface is http, rather than https.
  • RichardHamiltonRichardHamilton Member Posts: 58
    Have you had a chance to actually test a system? I'm heading into one this week (high pressure, of course). Fortunately the interface is http, rather than https.

    I have still only operated my one to one test system and haven't had access to the large system yet.

    My test system is working, with https. The issue I'm waiting to check is many devices thru one https gateway pc (potential bottleneck).

    It's good to see you have a http only version. Maybe I missed something, or there is new firmware, but I didn't see where https could be disabled in the devices.

    By going with http only, the control should be fairly straightforward. I'd suggest using the ''mng.command=write ciscocraft showIP{}'' command to start with, it's creates an OSD message for the device when successful.

    I'm curious about the http only, so keep us posted.
  • Eric YoungEric Young I should be at the beach. Posts: 14
    It looks like I will have a Stadiumvision in a project. How did your projects pan out? Did you use PCs or direct control?
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