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Listbox event ?

karageurkarageur Junior MemberPosts: 97

Is there a possibility to use listbox not only for viewing but also for getting event like PUSH on a cell/row/column?
There are no problems to fill it, sort, view and so on.
But how to get the TP event when pushing it?
Notifications are empty when manipulating with it.


  • karageurkarageur Junior Member Posts: 97
    Hey, guys!
    What elements do you use to make a common list for choosing a song/movie from this list?
    If listbox is not capable of sending "choosed item" then what else to use? Many buttons arranged in columns - reinventing the wheel ... ? Arrhhh!
  • sling100sling100 Junior Member Posts: 104
    One of the fields you can assign to a listbox row is a port/channel. This then sends the standard push/hold/release event to the relevant port/channel when the row is pushed. There is no way of assigning multiple channels to a single row as far as I'm aware.

    SEND_COMMAND dvTP,"'^LDN-4,1,5,Browse'" //New 5 column list on port 4
    SEND_COMMAND dvTP,"'^LDT-1,1,0,1,0,0,3'" //Five columns are text/bitmap/text/text/channel
    SEND_COMMAND dvTP,"'^LDA-1,0,1,bitmap.png,text1,text2,"4,1"'" //Send data to row 1 inc port/channel 4:1

    I recommend you download the TPC listbox demo available in their forum as it's really useful - much more so than the sparse data available in PI.

  • karageurkarageur Junior Member Posts: 97
    OMG, I did it!
    I have assigned each row with it's own Port & Channel via code.. //
    ^LDD-1 - wipe-out the list
    ^LDN-33,1,5,Servers - tell the list (List Table Port in TPDesign - 33) how much columns are used (5)
    ^LDT-1,1,0,0,0,0,3 - the type of each column. The important thing here is (3) - it's port/channel column type that is assinged to 5th column (the list table itself can have less than 5 columns - for example 4 so that port/channel column was hidden)
    ^LDA-1,1,1,2,3,4,"33,45" - fill the columns with data - the last item ("33,45" in 5th column) is port/channel assigned dynamically.
    That's it. Now one has to settle the list feedback issue somehow...
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