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Extron XTP Crosspoint Control

blamblam Junior MemberPosts: 2
I have a NI-3100 and an Extron XTP Crosspoint 1600. The Crosspoint is connected to a RS-232 port on the NI-3100 and two LCD's are connected to the Crosspoint output ports via XTP HDMI Receivers. All the RS-232 ports on the NI-3100 are being used by other devices so the LCDs need to be controlled by the Crosspoint. How do you define the device IDs for the LCDs in NetLinx Studio? The Crosspoint is set to 5001:1:1


  • GregGGregG Just some guy... Posts: 249
    According to the documentation, you need to send rs232 for the endpoints either using an ethernet connection to the Extron (using IP_CLIENT_OPEN in amx code), or you need an XTP T box's input serial port connected to the amx master (not an option for your case).
  • blamblam Junior Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Greg. I haven't used IP_CLIENT_OPEN in any of my projects yet so it'll be a learning experience. I thought it would be like programming a device connected to a DXLink TX/RX where you just need to define it in the device list and make sure you can see TX/RX box in the online tree.
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