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Help: Sony BRC 300 - VISCA 422

lucaluca Junior MemberPosts: 1
Hi all.
I'm Luca and this is my first post..

I need help to integrate a Sony BRC 300 PTZ Cam in 422 communication.
I was controlling it in 232 but they didn't reply to absolut PTZ request, maybe for the cable lenght (ca. 40 m!), so i try to control it in 422 but it doesn't work..
the camera has the correct ID and correct dip switch setting to communicate in 422 at 9600.

My question is:
there is any particular command to setting the 422 communication on AMX Controller?
In the documentation i read the correct setting is "SET BAUD 9600, N, 8, 1, 485 DISABLE"
how can i understand the problem?
However i tried every combination in the pinout with T+ T- R+ R- (and GND), on both 9 pin connecotor and com 2 card

another strange things i note in the diagnostic, is this error:
Line 27 (01:40:45):: CIpCodeMan::GetDev 2 Error 0x1003 0x00D82A
what's mean?
where can i find information about this error code?

please help me!
thanks everyone.




  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    They error message tells you on which the faulty code is. It doesnt tell you in which module, but you should be able to figure that one out.
    There isnt a command for selecting RS422, it depends on your cable pinout...
  • HedbergHedberg Junior Member Posts: 671
    Based on my experience with Sony cameras such as the EVID70:

    If you had the camera responding to some commands when connected up via RS232 but not with other commands, it's almost certainly not because your cable is too long. If you can't get the camera to respond to direct PTZ position commands (rather than slew commands), either you are not formatting the command correctly or the camera doesn't actually work as advertised. My guess is the former (though only a guess). The command format is not all that clearly explained in the documentation -- at least no clear enough for me.

    My guess is that the BRC 300 uses the same RS322 terminology that Sony EVID 70 cameras use. Unfortunately, there is no standard definition of what RX and TX refer to nor with the polarity assignments, for 422. This is what I believe we found to work for Sony cameras:

    AMX Sony
    RX- TX+
    RX+ TX-
    TX- RX+
    TX+ RX-

    According to the BRC documentation, best I can tell this should translate to the following pin connections (AMX DB9):

    AMX Sony
    1 9
    6 8
    9 7
    4 6
    5 5

    As mentioned, there is no special AMX command to get RS422: the ports, when 485 is disabled, put the strings on both the pins assigned for RS422 and the pins assigned to RS232.

    So, if you properly configure your port (preferably in the online dialog of your data event for the port), properly connect your AMX DB9 to the 9 pin green connector on the camera, and properly configure the camera for RS422 control, everything should work properly. If you are using a com2 card, the pin assignments will be different, but the AMX documentation explains that.

    One thing new to me with these BRC 300 cameras is that they appear to do RS422 in and out. According to the documentation, In is pins 6 - 9. I'm assuming that those are the Sony pins that get connected to the AMX and that pins 1-4 on the green Sony connector are for connections to daisy-chained cameras/return to another controller port.
  • sling100sling100 Junior Member Posts: 111
    Old thread I know, but thought I should point out that I spent ages trying to get 422 working with a new NX-4200 only to discover that the 'SET BAUD' command syntax has changed and you now need to ENABLE 422 in the same way as 485.

    SEND_COMMAND dvTP,"'SET BAUD 9600,N,8,1 422 ENABLE'"

    Hopefully this will stop someone else scratching their head for a while ....

  • rfletcherrfletcher Junior Member Posts: 217
    One additional tip, Sony is not consistent with the direction they number the RS422 phoenix connectors between models, so read the label on each camera if you've got different models you're chaining together.
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