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I am wondering if anyone of guys have come up with a solution using DTMF and voice reply to a certain set of keystrokes. What I mean is - I need to play a recording e.g that the alarm is on when the customer calls into their home and punches a certain key stroke sequence. I am thinking of using a computer but that is a overkill for a simple solution. AMX suggested that I use roland midi unit that records voice and plays when it receives a certain note. I am trying to see if there are other solutions. Thank you for your inputs.

Kenny A


  • HakanLHakanL Junior Member Posts: 6

    I would build something based on a DTMF to RS232 converter, like this DTMF232-A found at http://www.dschmidt.com/dtmf.html

    That would take care of the listening, then you need something that can play the voice as well, and of course pick up the phone. :)

    Another thing I was thinking about was that maybe you could use an external voice modem, it could answer the phone on rings, detect DTMF. I know in a PC you can use it to play samples/wavs, not sure if you could figure that out thru the serial port using a NetLinx, but it's a thought.

  • kennyannkennyann Junior Member Posts: 113
    Thank you for your suggestions. I might look into using the RS232.

    If do use the wave files from a computer I have to connect through TCP and play the audio file and have the computer output audio through its card back into the DTMF.

    I have to take a look at external modem - that might an idea.

    Thank you
  • ipssheldonipssheldon Registered User Posts: 106
    A couple of products that you might look into are:

    Marantz PMD570. It is an RS-232 controllable compact flash player.

    http://www.cfsound.com/index_CFSound.asp. This is also a small compact flash that is RS-232 controlable and is under $120.

    I have used the Roland box and it works well, but doesn't record or playback WAV files. These other two boxes do, or so that advertisements so state.

    I have not personally tried either of the above products, but I am curious how well they work. If you do test one of these, please post what you find.

    In my case, the DTMF triggers came from an AMX DTMF interface. Not the best solution, but it did work.

    Hope this helps.

    Sheldon Samuels
    IPS Resources LLC
  • kennyannkennyann Junior Member Posts: 113
    Dear Sheldon

    Thank you for you suggestions. I have to look into those producst and I will post a solution. I was forced into using the DTMF solution because I came into the middle of the project. We will find other solutions for the future.
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