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Savant DIY Remote is No More

a_riot42a_riot42 AMX WizardPosts: 1,619
Apparently Savant has discontinued this DIY remote solution. You can no longer get the DIY remote kit, only a system that has the pro remote, which requires a programmer.


  • MLaletasMLaletas Junior Member Posts: 226
    I havent had to touch savant in quite some time I guess I missed the diy remote, what is it and how did it work?
  • a_riot42a_riot42 AMX Wizard Posts: 1,619
    It was a DIY remote that caused a stir among Savant integrators, since no integration was required, similar to a Harmony remote. Many Savant dealers were concerned that it would eat into their integration sales. The remote is still available but no longer in a DIY kit, only with a Savant Pro system that would require integration.
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