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Biamp ATC Tesira support in RPM

aposzich@mcsoftampa.com[email protected] Junior MemberPosts: 4
I got into a jam where my client switched out the AudiaFlex with a Tesira and i cant make the RPM project control the unit. i tried to make the Tesira DSP instance tags match the Audiaflex config but it just spits back errors. I have not spent the time to compare the Audia protocol to the Tesira but im shure it is just syntax in the code.

Can you provide a work around or an ETA when Biamp Tesira will be supported in RPM. I don't want to have to program this entire system from scratch as the job was not sold with that level of programming.


  • Tesira is currently in Test. I am expecting the module and configuration file release within the next two weeks.
  • aposzich@mcsoftampa.com[email protected] Junior Member Posts: 4
    Please allow me early access if it is allowed. I will beta for you.
  • aposzich@mcsoftampa.com[email protected] Junior Member Posts: 4
    Any word Yet on the release date for this?
  • aposzich@mcsoftampa.com[email protected]m Junior Member Posts: 4
    Please respond. I planed and scheduled with customer for two weeks. I can't close the job until this is delivered.
  • Tesira support is scheduled to be released with RPM 2.0 on June 14th.
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