How many TCP/IP connections can one master sustain?

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Hi smart forum people,

I am trying to understand the limitations of M2M systems and IP connections. I'm confused by the documentation and hope someone could clarify this for me.

From Netlinx Studio Keyword Help File (Master to Master section): The second constraint is the maximum number of 250 simultaneous TCP/IP connections supported by a single master. The maximum number of simultaneous TCP/IP ICSP (NetLinx device) connections supported by a single master is 200. The top ~25 of the remaining 50 are intended to be used for internal services i.e. FTP, Telnet, HTTP, etc?
The next 25 are intended to be used for IP connections used in the NetLinx code via IP_CLIENT_OPEN, IP_SERVER_OPEN, and Duet modules.
If there are more than 25 IP connections made from within the code they will utilize the required number of remaining 200 IP sockets which reduces the number of available socket connections and subsequently the number of available NetLinx device connections which will reduce the number of available entries within the URL List.

Is this saying that if I have no IP connections made in code I can have the max of 200 entries in the URL list? If I am controlling 25 IP devices from code, how many IP's can I have in the URL list before all sockets are being used? None? 175? Or still 200? If I have 26 IP devices I assume that will reduce the URL list entries by 1?

As you can see I am confused about this and I'm sorry if these are silly questions but I honestly think the description here is poorly written and poorly explained. Maybe there should be an example put in the documentation to help clarify this.


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