Is there any "up time" command i can enter into telnet?

I am a looking for a command that can tell me how long the processor has been up and running? or any other way i can check.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,510
    1. You don't need to create multiple identical topics.
    2. You can make your won uptime command in your code, as I don't believe there is (or was) a native command. We added it to our diagnostic library:

    send s ct,'uptime

    (1091743957) DIAGNOSTICS MODE - System Uptime Monitor: ON!

    (1091743958) CineTouch System Uptime - 18190 Mins - Since: 10:50:36 05/29/2019

  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 474
    edited June 11

    The time stamp (1091743958 in the example) to any response shows the uptime in milliseconds

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